We connect Filipino and Asian candidates to permanent and long term employment contracts throughout Europe.


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Frontline Recruitment is dedicated to finding permanent and long term contract employment opportunities for Filipino and Asian healthcare workers and jobseekers. We operate in a wide range of sectors, while we specialise in helping our candidates to gain employment in hospitals and healthcare institutions overseas.

It’s our aim to assist Filipinos to secure lucrative employment opportunities for a career abroad. Our positions help Filipinos achieve their dream of working overseas with the benefits of competitive compensation, career advancement opportunities and a high standard of living.

Why Choose Frontline Recruitment?

We have close relationships with hospitals, care homes and healthcare institutions throughout the UK (both national and private), as well as in Europe.

Our connections with hospitals, care homes and clinics looking for registered health professionals allows us to place candidates quickly, into a suitable permanent or long term contract roles.

  • We offer legitimate employment opportunities compliant with Filipino and sourcing country regulations
  • We are motivated to ensure your employment is successful
  • Frontline Healthcare Coaching supports candidates on their journey
  • Permanent and long term contract positions are regularly available
  • Our process is quick, so you can start your dream job without long delays


Frontline Healthcare Coaching offers candidates the necessary training and support they need to be able to successfully take up employment overseas.

Whether your English language skills need improved to help you in your day to day communication, or your employment requires various qualifications, we’ll guide you through, so you’re ready to start your new position with confidence.

Full details of our coaching programme is available on our Frontline Healthcare Coaching page.

Ethical healthcare recruitment

We observe the ethical recruitment practices outlined in the NHS Code of Practice and international codes of practice. By following the code of practice for international recruitment, we adhere to strict guidelines when hiring nurses, careers and healthcare practitioners.

This means that the job roles we list are legitimate and genuine, offering training opportunities and the chance to enhance your skill set. Moreover, we want you to be happy in your role, so we’re always transparent about the job roles we offer.

This means we’ll inform you about every aspect of the role from beginning to end, including: the recruitment process, the institution, the relocation process and your acclimatisation when you move overseas.

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